Paramount Health Directions offers one-on-one nutrition and lifestyle counseling to discuss your personal wellness focus.

Nutritional Counseling

Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is available for one-on-one nutrition counseling to discuss your dietary goals, struggles and overall wellness focus through an individualized approach. By utilizing genetics, the WILD5 program and nutrition education and counseling sessions, a personalized nutrition consult can help to set the path to a balanced lifestyle.

Yoga Wellness Classes

Paramount Health Directions believes and practices holistic treatment, and exercise plays a large role in care for our brains and bodies. Yoga wellness at Paramount Health Directions focuses on breath in yoga flow to increase muscle activation, strength and stress reduction. By utilizing a breath-to-movement sequence, the body can build and release energy throughout class. Yoga mindfulness becomes a well-rounded balance for both physical and mental health, incorporating Paramount Health Direction’s philosophy of full body care.

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Culinary Education Classes

Paramount Health Directions will soon be offering hands-on culinary education classes in our new location. In our full range kitchen, our registered dietitian offers the opportunity to take patients on a variety of culinary endeavors. Whether you have years of experience in the kitchen or have never ventured into cooking, personalized classes are available and accessible to everyone. Classes can be taught in groups with up to four people, or taught individually for a more custom-made approach. Classes will include preparation skill building, and completion of a meal from start to finish, with tasting always included. Nutritional education will be spread through the class discussing the health benefits of the plates created.

Please stay tuned for more information, and call the office to start your culinary adventure by placing your name on our interest list.

WILD5 Wellness Program

WILD5 Wellness is a five step wellness intervention program focusing on overall health and well-being through worksheets, educational handouts and personalized education by our providers. WILD5 stands for Wellness Interventions for Life’s Demands with five key components, and is individualized to each patient. The five points of focus include sleep, mindfulness, nutrition, exercise and social connectedness. Together, these focus points can lead to overall improvement in personal wellness.