Cindy provides a variety of services, utilizing 35 years of teaching experience, including her work at Graland Country Day School and Denver Academy.

Licensed marriage & family therapist

It is important for me to develop an authentic connection with my patients and families, thereby establishing a partnership of trust as we work together through difficulties and challenges. At the end of a session, I want patients to feel safe, hopeful, and empowered. As a parent of two adult children, and a teacher of 36 years, I have a unique skill set and perspective through the many lenses of both family dynamics and educational challenges.
— Cindy Souser, LCMFT

Cindy will do a comprehensive assessment of the student’s strengths and challenges, in both the family and school settings, to create positive communication language, routines and coordination of support services between educators/schools and families.

Cindy can help teachers to implement the accommodations necessary for academic and social/emotional success. With a clear understanding of the student learning profiles, social/emotional functioning, and support systems, Cindy will create and coordinate support for students, families, therapists, and educators.

As a parent, Cindy understands how important it is for schools and families to work collaboratively for their child’s success and well- being. Using a solution-focused, strength-based approach, Cindy will create goals and strategies to help integrate systems for success.

Cindy also works closely with parents and families to help guide and establish routines and systems to reduce power struggles. Cindy has the flexibility to meet with you at the location that best meets your needs in order to improve the relationships and functioning in the family or school setting. Cindy also works with patients with Brain Injuries and Trauma. Cindy will work as a Life Coach with children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), developmental disabilities, atypical neurological issues, as well as patients suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury.