We offer a variety of yoga wellness classes to suit your needs and skill level.


Beginner: Open to all skill and knowledge levels. This class will focus on stress relief with breath, holding postures and education of a strong foundation in yoga. Whether you regularly practice yoga or have never stepped foot onto a mat, this class will teach the foundational postures, aid in stress relief and support the community within the class.  

Beginner classes are taught Mondays at 8:30am

Intermediate: The intermediate class continues the foundation of the beginner yoga wellness classes and begins to incorporate weights into the practice. Ongoing breath-to-posture movements will begin to build strength and endurance through class.

Intermediate classes are taught Wednesdays at 8:30am

*Sculpting: With a strong foundation from beginner and intermediate classes, the advanced yoga wellness classes focus on sculpting muscle groups for increased stability, strength and power. With upbeat and motivating music, this class creates a fun environment to sweat and target specific muscle groups with weights while in yoga postures.

Sculpting classes are taught Fridays at 8:30am

*It is recommended to take one intermediate class before beginning sculpting classes to ensure proper safety in the postures.


Please do not show up to class without a reservation, as we have limited equipment and space for each class. Please call to reserve your spot.



-       Duration: 50-60 minutes

-       Cost per class: $30/class 

-       Setting: Non-heated room, filled with natural light, a variety of music is used throughout class


-       Please plan to bring a mat to practice on, and a water bottle to stay hydrated

-       If you do not own a yoga mat, they will be available for class use

-       Blocks, straps and weights will always be available for classes


Yoga classes will be held at our new location, located at

52 Monroe Street Denver, CO 80206

Please contact the office with any questions or concerns.