Dr. Udis is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with 17 years of experience working with individuals & families in Colorado.

Clinical psychologist & psychoanalyst

Human development begins before birth and is poignantly expressed in infancy but continues throughout life. I believe that by understanding the unique qualities of a person, within the common background of the developmental tasks of life, we can understand the comprehensive needs of the special ‘time in life’ that is posing a challenge for our children, ourselves, and our parents. Thus, the tools of evaluations, be they aimed at learning, emotional development, or issues with thinking make sense when we consider what the specific challenge is. If we pay attention to complaints and symptoms, we understand the manifestation of the problem. By also paying attention to the time in life when they occur we learn about the context in which the problems arise. And in the end we have a way to characterize growth and resilience for each special age.
— Kevin Udis, PhD

Kevin has a broad range of clinical and professional experience in the mental health community of Colorado. 

As the former Clinical Director of Devereux Cleo-Wallace and Staff Psychologist at the Colorado Mental Health Institute of Fort Logan, he has a broad range of clinical and professional experience. Kevin attended the Denver Institute of Psychoanalysis, focusing on Child Psychoanalysis, and is the former President of Boulder IDC.

He specializes in resolving complicated learning problems, and assists in restoring normal development.

Kevin performs individual and family consultations and carries out psychological testing for emotional, cognitive, and learning problems. He provides specific cognitive evaluations and learning recommendations to his patients, assisting in developing learning accommodation programs that reflect the specific needs of his individual clients.